I am spent...

I am spent…

We have switched DD agencies and all of the kids are doing some testing now.

We have found that Mercedes has executive dysfunction or brain damage to her right parietal lobe. This came as quite a shock. She had extensive testing done, and they ruled out some of her past diagnoses such as ADHD and CAPD. She is a smart girl, but her left side of her brain is over compensating for her right side. This explains why she is so good at English and Vocabulary, but not so good at math. A possible EEG is on the horizon.

Ryder’s challenges mimic Angelman’s Syndrome or Prader Willi Syndrome. He will need another genetic chromosome test to determine.

Mason’s anxiety continues to climb. He gets ready for school 1 hour ahead of departure time and paces the floor until then.

Hunter’s endless questions bombard the family at all times. He craves food constantly and does not like therapy.

William silently struggles with activities of daily living. Only if you lived with us, would you be able to tell. Or smell, let’s put it that way.

I am spent. …Trying to figure out what the future holds…and trying to keep it all together.

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