The Battle over Homework Continues

The Battle over Homework Continues

Counselor: I asked Jonathan to come back next week with examples of three social skills and why they are important. He didn’t give me too hard of a time.

Jonathan: I’m not doing it.
Counselor: Why not?
Jonathan: Because it’s homework. I already have enough homework, I don’t need more.
Counselor: Well, you don’t have to write anything down, let’s just talk about it.
Jonathan: Not going to do it.
Counselor: Well, we’ll see.
Following week
Me: Jonathan wouldn’t even discuss social skills with  me.
Counselor: Why not?
Jonathan: I told you I wasn’t doing it. It’s homework. I already get homework from school.
Counselor: We’ll let’s go back. We’ll see if you get any computer time or not today.
One hour later
Me: So did he talk about social skills?
Counselor: No, but he did display a lot of them tonight.
* * * * * * * * *
Same subject: different day
Jonathan: (full rant) I hate homework! Why do I have to do school work at home? Why can’t I just do school work at school?
Me: (heavy sigh) Are we going to have this battle every night through 12th grade when you graduate?
Jonathan: Pretty much.
* * * * * * * * *
Huh? I walked in from the garage to see this amazing site! It’s Sunday. It’s Sunday morning. Jonathan is sitting down with a book open and writing answers from the book onto a piece of paper. What miracle do I see here?
Me: Jonathan, what are you doing?
Jonathan: My homework.
Me: Your homework?
Jonathan: Yes. Sunday School homework.
Me: You are doing homework on your own.
Jonathan: Yes.
Me: Why?
Jonathan: If I turn it in, we put more marbles in the jar. As soon as the jar is full, we’ll get a prize. Something like a pizza party or ice cream party.
Me: (Widgets turning in my head to see about instituting something similar for all other forms of homework.)

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