Becoming The Change

Maybe I watched too much “Knight Rider” as a kid. Maybe I became a vegetarian too early in life. Maybe it was growing in my grandparents’ house, but I’ve always believed that it only takes one of us to make a difference that is tangible and real.

I get progressively tired of those who, in the words of Mr T, jibber jabber for change yet in reality do nothing. The parochial sorts who are more concerned with the number of wheelie bins on the street than the poverty they could find and help eradicate in their own locality; the vegetarian’s who ignore the isinglass that filtered their real ale; the eco warrior admonishing others for not buying organically yet who have three organic vegetables delivered to them by van rather than walking to their local farmer’s market to buy them there.

I’m tired of people bitching about nothing. I’m tired of saying nothing in return, because I know that those who most deserve a tongue lashing will become extremely defensive and obnoxious if I do. I’m tired of observing what can only be described as cyber bullying within certain factions who perceive themselves as the blogger elite. I’m ever so slightly tired of it all.

Keeping my opinions to myself. Being the “better person”. Shutting up when I should be putting up.

I have no idea where this has come from, but it is getting stronger. My annoyance is growing. My intolerance for idiocy and stupidity is at rock bottom. I want answers. I think I deserve them. I think that you deserve them too.

Before we can do that, I think that it is time that we became the change. It only needs one of us to start the metaphorical ball rolling, and I think we can do that without nagging and bullying each other.

So, here’s a confession. I recycle. I do a “Womble Walk” every Monday after the binmen have been been, collecting any rubbish that has been left, or has split, and suitably re-bagging or recycling it (this mostly in our road but it has been known to extend further).

I replace the wheelie bins on properties that I know are out at work all day – partly as what’s the point in bitching about it when I could actually do something about it, and partly because, having to had to negotiate paths whilst pushing a buggy, I know they’re a pain in the arse.

I bake extra for my neighbours, especially the Nice Old Man Down The Road, who I worry about and who takes me to Farmer’s Markets where we stock up and split vegetables. I cook dinners in bulk and freeze them.

I make no apologies for the fact that I’m not as green as I should be, but instead am as green as I can be.

For me, it’s always been about the change that we can be to our environment, the contribution we can be to our society, and what we can do to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be enormous, it can be a series of small things that constitute the whole of improving the world, but that has to be both globally and locally, or we duck our responsibility to each other.

For me, it’s all about not acting hyprocritically, purely doing your best and being the change. As Mahatma Gandhi said; “We must become the change we want to see.”

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Karen Wiltshire
Ramblings from a deranged, adult company starved, wibbly mind
Karen Wiltshire

Karen Wiltshire

Ramblings from a deranged, adult company starved, wibbly mind

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