Meditation, Eradication and the Oil Spill


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is going to impact our planet, children, and grandchildren, ecology, economy, etc. for centuries to come… that is if we survive it at all!! I watch videos, view pictures and read story after story; and my heart aches for our planet and mankind. I can’t help but worry about what devastation this will behind. I pray, but I am not sure that is enough.

I try not to focus on the obvious detriment of the situation. I firmly believe in the law of attraction and know my thoughts can and do create my reality. So, I try to meditate and focus on purified waters, a healthy marine habitat and a repaired oil tank. I figure that if the scientists and engineers who are armed with technology cannot fix the massive oil rig tank, then surely our thoughts can.

Well, I have to admit that is even hard for me to ascertain. I try, but I keep returning to thoughts of destruction and greed. I cannot help but to beg the power and money hungry individuals in charge to get off their duff and do something about this before it kills not only the planet but the people who inhabit her too!! Stop defending Big Oil and take action!!

I feel like my pleas are met on deaf ears. I contemplate that if the powers to be can make vulgar statements about the oil spill and not take proper action to remedy the situation, and then it is very possible that the same greedy bastards could be making vulgar statements to discredit concerned parents and deny vaccine injury while continuing to pump that toxicity into our bodies? Sadly, this makes me feel validated. Sadly, this is probably close to the truth.

We live in a corrupt society where money and power make us do things that are incomprehensible. We turn the cheek when it doesn’t directly affect us or when we are seemingly removed. But, I have to say that we are not removed from either of these scenarios. Our children are being vaccine damaged as well as poisoned by toxins and pesticides in their foods as well as in their toys. Just this week alone 2 children’s items were recalled for containing cadmium… Miley Cyrus brand Jewelry at Walmart and Shrek glassware at Mc Donald’s.

And yet, we think it to be so far-fetched that vaccines might contain harmful ingredients? Another story surfaced this week about a congressional committee that is investigating what they are calling a ‘phantom recall’ on Johnson and Johnson division, Mc Neil’s, Motrin. Apparently, the company outsourced contractors to have individuals go into stores and buy the entire product on the shelf to prevent a nationwide recall.

There are some tainted business practices occurring and it is mankind that is paying. Of course, Sarah Palin would like to blame the ‘Radical Environmentalists’ for the recent Oil Spill, but we know better. It is the world full of greed and this too shall bite us in the ass. This spill will affect far more than the Gulf. It will affect the entire mother earth and her inhabitants. You know I think she will survive… but not without causalities. Mankind has been eradicated before, and we are not too far from it again. We are but a mere virus on her and her immune system is about to eliminate us.

I pray that I am wrong for our sake, for our children’s sake, and for the sake of this planet that gives us life.

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Mother, Wife, Autism Advocate, Crunchy Mom Wanna Be, Reiki Master, Blogger, Young Living Essential Oil Education Coach and Mentor. I am the mother of two fantastic, expressive, healthy daughters who happen to be on the autism spectrum.


Mother, Wife, Autism Advocate, Crunchy Mom Wanna Be, Reiki Master, Blogger, Young Living Essential Oil Education Coach and Mentor. I am the mother of two fantastic, expressive, healthy daughters who happen to be on the autism spectrum.

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  • June 30, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    We are all equally to blame for the oil spill.  Every time you fill up your gas tank in the car, buy anything made from or wrapped in plastic, start your motorcycle, snow remover, lawn mower… you are contributing to the oil spill.  Someone who is extremely resourceful and probably very rich to begin with drilled for oil in the gulf because of human’s insatiable need for oil.  Yes, they did it perhaps for the money they would recieve but they were also simply fulfilling demand with supply. 

    If you think that this is falling on deaf ears – you are correct.  The government has the ability to stop many of all sorts of environmentally destructive acts that we all perform, but once again greed comes into play – oil companies have documented contributions upwards of $175 million each year on lobbying congress and campain contributions.

    Think this is all absurd and morally unsettling? Then every single person has to start the chain reaction in the right direction.  It’s time to learn to MAKE SACRIFICES.  Everyone wants to make a difference, but no one wants to give up their many daily conveniences. Now it’s not just the government or oil companies.  We (yes including me) should all be ashamed of our greediness. 

  • June 30, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    And how would oil in the ocean wipe out all human life? And what are you basing your hatred for vaccines on, anyway? Your post could have used a lot more reasoning and less rhetoric. I’m an environmentalist too, but I think people who make bold-faced claims without having any reason give us a bad name.

  • June 30, 2010 at 10:51 am

    You worded this beautifully. It’s scary, I hope the oil spill will stop before it not only kills more of our aquatic friends, but humanity too. I don’t want the seas to be forever red from the oil. I’ll miss the clean, clear, and blue waters. I’ll miss laying on the beach. I hope the oil will be stopped before its too late and all we’ll have is pictures and videos to show our future generations of what the ocean once was. Ughh, it seems like everything ends up being toxic in today’s products but the last thing we need to be toxic is the ocean =[ It’s the one beautiful thing left in this polluted, chemicalized, technological run world.

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