Swine Flu Vaccine Linked to Autism

Swine Flu Vaccine From: Dr. Chun Wong

Despite its discovery over 100 years ago, the H1N1 virus came alive 5 months ago. Prior to that, talk of the virus, more commonly referred to as “Swine Flu”, was reserved for medical journals and text books until the massive outbreak in April 2009. By the middle of this year, over one-million cases of the Swine Flu had been diagnosed.

When word of a vaccine was heard, there was a nationwide sigh of relief. Millions of doses of the vaccine were produced and sent off to various medical facilities for immediate use. Men and women rushed to get both themselves and their children vaccinated.

When introduced to a medication or vaccine that can treat or prevent illness, it is a rarity that we do much more than quickly glance at the side effects. For example, it is common knowledge that taking over-the-counter pain-killers can cause stomach irritation. However, if a severe toothache needs treatment, it is often the case that one would rather deal with minor stomach pains than the agony of a toothache. What happens though, when a vaccine used to prevent an illness carries the same side effects and potential dangers as the illness itself?

Along with the common flu symptoms of coughing, fatigue, nausea and body aches, Swine Flu can also cause neurological damage. This is especially true in young children and unborn babies. If a pregnant woman develops Swine Flu, the virus is known to attack the genes that control growth, often resulting in the newborn developing Autism. That being said, It seems to be a no-brainer that pregnant women and parents of young children should head directly to their doctor and get the vaccination, right?

Maybe not.

One of the ingredients in the Swine Flu and most all vaccines is Mercury; more specifically Thimerosal which serves as a preservative. It has already been determined that Mercury and many of its forms can cause Autism and other neurological disorders just as the flu itself does.

This poses the difficult question: Do you avoid the vaccination due to its damaging side effects and live on the hope that your child will not get the often deadly flu? Or, do you get the vaccination and inject yourself and/or your child with an element known to cause neurological damage and autism?

The answer to the question simply depends on your personal opinion. Does the risk of the vaccine outweigh the risk of the flu? The benefits and risks are definitely something to bring up with a trusted physician so you can more accurately make the decision based on your individual situation.

With another flu season quickly approaching, the first batches of the Swine Flu vaccine will be hitting doctor’s offices by mid-October. 195 Million doses of the vaccine will be distributed and administered. It is said also that each person will need two doses of the vaccine to be properly protected against the flu.

The Center for Disease Control claims that there will be a Mercury-free vaccine in both injection and nasal spray forms, though it is uncertain when it will be available.


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  • Hi I know that this article is very old, but I had the swine flu in 2009 and was 7 and a half months pregnant.  I was very ill and was hospitalised and felt so sick that I thought I was going to die. I took tamiflu not thinking about the effects that it would have on my unborn child.  My daughter is now 3 years old and has been diagnosed with autism.  I have 2 older children and they are both perfectly fine and I have no history of autism in my family… If I knew that there was a chance of my unborn child getting autism from tamiflu, I would never have taken it… 

  • I am not necessarily pro-vaccine, nor am I against vaccination.  Personally, I do not see a need for me to receive certain vaccinations such as the swine flu vaccine either, but for those parents who do, I strongly support the idea that you should check to see if there is any mercury.

  • Vaccines “protect” you from such a minimal percentage of the actual virus it’s really pointless to even use them. The sad thing is that I truly believe they are only created to make money.

    It’s been proven for a long time that vaccines in children can cause autism, and if given at a young enough age, even worse afflictions.

    HPV vaccine has killed young women.

    If you’re ever offered a vaccine OF ANY KIND. Refuse. It is your right, and it is most likely safer than just going without it.

  • This is such bullshit. Why is this quack always featured on Autisible?

    From the CDC:

    “A CDC analysis shows that pregnant women are more likely than the
    general population to develop severe disease after infection
    with the
    pandemic H1N1 swine flu virus. They are four times more likely to be
    hospitalized, with an unusually high death rate.

    Information from a CREDIBLE sources:

  • My family and I abstain from vaccinations, but I don’t know that they have been truly proven to be linked to autism.  There are several other reactions and side effects of vaccines (not just this one) that to me outweigh the benefit of the actual vaccine.  I do think this particular article is severely flawed.  My husband and I have done extensive research on vaccines in making our decisions and this doesn’t quite fit what we’ve found.  I have to agree, it’s not objective. 

    Especially for things like the flu, common sense seems to work better – wash your hands frequently, have good hygiene, strengthen your immune system, rest if you’re sick, don’t touch your face with your hands, etc.  I am more likely to die on the interstate here in Atlanta than I am to die of any strain of the flu.  I have had one flu shot in my whole life over 15 years ago and not once since.  I’ve had the flu one time since then and maybe a handful of colds.  But it’s a lifestyle we choose for ourselves.

  • Really, such nonsense. When I didn’t get the shot, I got flu, and the residual effects from that took five weeks to clear up!  When I got the shot I didn’t get the flu, and nothing happened whatsoever. You don’t have to get the flu, but I sure hope you have the sense stay home when you get it.

  • Pablo

    Would the author please cite his sources from peer reviewed journals stating that Thimerosal is linked to autism?  Every scientific study stating that Thimerosal is linked to autsim has been refuted 10x over.  Please don’t unleash your false information on an unsuspecting public.

  • The very first line of this post is bullshit.  Swine flu was not ‘discovered’ 100 years ago.  It was first identified in 1930.   Is he bad at math or just full of it?

    If this fool cant even get that part of his post correct, imagine how much bullshit everything else he happens to write is.

    And a quick search through his state’s medical board licensing website shows that he is NOT a physician.  He IS a licensed chiropractor, however. 

  • Has anyone ever actually gone over to this guy’s website?!?  I just did.  He’s a snake-oil salesman pushing a book to cure autism.  From his site:

    “However, this manual is NOT for every parent. It is not for those who don’t have an open mind or who are negative people. This manual requires you to have optimism, hope and to have an alternative belief system!  Get my manual NOW to learn more about autism and all of the autism spectrum disorders and to attract more joy and health into your child’s life.”

    “The treatments I tell you about are all based on DAN! biomedical medicine, to help manifest miraculous cures over and over again.”

    These are classic textbook techniques of a scam artist preying on the desperate. 

  • If you actually hold any sort of real medical degree, someone should turn you in to the medical ethics board of Illinois for spreading such harmful misinformation.  What happened to the Hippocratic oath? 

  • well, i’ve already had the swine flu, so no need for me to make the “tough” decision. at least there’s one benefit.

    anyway, both of my parents are doctors, and neither have ever thought twice about vaccinating me or my siblings. sure, the swine flu is “only” as bad as the seasonal flu… and for people who don’t have asthma or other serious medical conditions that are aggravated by viruses, maybe it does seem like no big deal.

    every time i get a cold, i go to the hospital for at least one night. every time i get the flu, i go to the hospital for at least one week.

    asthma is scary, and the flu only makes it worse. even if you don’t have asthma, other complications of the flu can develop… bronchitis, pneumonia… both are deadly. congrats to those of you who have lived a healthy life thus far; all of that can change with one case of the flu.

    just get the vaccination.

  • Straight-up bullshit and scare-mongering. Don’t buy it.

    The post’s author is a quack and either has no idea what he’s talking about or (worse) does know and is lying about it anyway.

    Vaccines are safe. H1N1 is dangerous. There is only one sane choice here.

  • This article’s claim is a problem right from the start.   While it has been suggested that these vaccines can cause autism, it has never been scientifically demonstrated in a single study, and many studies have demonstrated that it is false.   If you are at risk for being seriously harmed by this virus you should absolutely get the vaccine.   We need to pour our resources on autism research into areas where we have scientific evidence for it, such as the mirror neuron theory.

    If you have a healthy immune system, you could jump on the bandwagon and get one, but I’m not going to bother.   I’m terrified of needles so I’d much rather risk being kinda sick for a week than get a shot haha

  • I understand the reasoning with if you’re pregnant, it could harm another life… but if you’re not, where is the logic of you refusing the vaccination and then spreading the virus further? I’d like to hope that those involved in the care profession wouldn’t hesistate to have the vaccination…

    So I’d like to know, of those of you who are saying they won’t take the vaccination, are you ever in regular contact with, let’s hypothetically say, small children?

    You’re so quick to think about the risks, but at the same time, it sounds extremely ungrateful. Not everyone has the opportunity to such vaccines and health care.

  • If at all possible, I would really like to see your sources and studies which illustrate this new strain of H1N1 interfering with genetic processes.  Since May 2009, every reputable medical journal from New England to JAMA have not reported any such findings.  So far, every confirmed case of Swine Flu has shown consistent symptoms of any other flu with the only deviations being a few instances of diarrhea and of course death.  Other than that though, the only significant characteristic of Swine Flu is not how it affects individuals but how it came about. 

    And as a ending note, to say that the swine flu vaccine carries a risk of _____ would also require you as a professional to also say the same of the regular seasonal flu shot.  If you do not why, then I seriously suggest you to figure out why. 

  • I am not going to get the vaccine, I am a healthy person, not an infant or elder, I should hold up to the flu. 

  • @Strangebrain@xanga – I would love it if you would share your thoughts on the whole swine flu/vaccination thing. From your past posts, it is clear that you are very science minded and look at the facts rather than your emotions. It is hard to weed through all the hype in order to make a truly educated decision and to know what kind of danger my family is in from this flu.

    If you would consider writing about it, I am sure many would like to read it.

    To the author of this post: I wonder if you could share the research that proves that the mercury in vaccines is the cause of Autism. I am unaware of such research.

  • 1.  The vaccine does not carry the same side effects or potential dangers as the virus itself; if that were the case it would be kind of pointless to give out the vaccine.

    2.  It has been determined that thiomersal does NOT cause autism.

    While the bioaccumulative methylmercury has been linked to neurological disorders the non-bioaccumulative ethylmercury (which is the type of mercury your body converts thiomersal to) is not.

    If you do in fact have an actual M.D., I believe it’s time to update the requirements for medical college graduation.

  • I’m way more concerned about getting my kids to school safely this morning through the traffic on San Diego freeways.    No flu vaccine jabs in this household. 

  • I’m definitely NOT getting the Swine Flu vaccination. Of course, I abstain from all vaccinations of any sort for myself, including the 10-year tetanus follow-up. 

  • You’re more likely to get the regular flu and die from the regular flu. And that vaccine is barely effective – it only protects against a few strains, and rarely are those strains the ones spreading in winter.
    I don’t trust the swine flu vaccine, and I don’t really see a reason for it. It appears to be much less serious than diseases that have been around for decades.


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