Autism Style and What is Normal

What is Normal Yo! Mick here, the cutie with the canine grin with yellow coat and a hat.

One of the things I’ve had to adjust to about autism is that what I experience as “normal” might not be for the majority of others.

For example, I had no idea that most dogs are not put into hats and other clothing. Red’s been dressing me up since I can remember. I mean look around; as you shop you’ll notice that there are more and more stores catering to well-dressed canines.

Interesting isn’t it?

I wonder if this has anything to do with the increase in autism diagnosis over the past decade or so? Is everyone who dresses his or her dog on the autism spectrum?  


Here’s the thing, Red’s not different to me.

He’s not broken; he’s my best friend and brother. Red is perfect to me. He loves me and that is our “normal” and good enough for me.

My perspective sometimes makes it difficult to understand what all the fuss over autism is about.

If we could all practice better tolerance of diversity and taking the perspective of others I don’t know if we’d really need to term autism.

Sure, Mum’s explained that many with autism are not like Red, or have the same abilities.

I just don’t get what all the fuss is about. Autism is just another way to experience the world, and everyone experiences the world in his or her own perspective even when trying to take another’s perspective.

Got it?

Try this; dress your dog, and go for a walk.

Go on. Put your favorite canine in clothes. Make sure to include a hat. Sometimes a hat is a nuisance but I think hats really make the outfit. Some people even like to have a matching outfit. I’m waggy with that.

Now get out there and walk.

You wont have a problem unless someone gets in your face declaring that dressing dogs isn’t normal. Yet clearly for a great many, dressing up their pup is very normal; canine couture is rabid.

See what I mean?

Normal is a matter of perspective.

Autism is normal for me, but I’m trying to understand how it might not be for others. Really, I do try to understand autism from a normal perspective.

I think what confuses me the most is this:

Who decides what normal is?

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