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These stories were submitted to me to share with our readers.  They are written through the eyes of a teacher.  Please enjoy and comment!

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I am also pleased to tell you that one of our former students is now enrolled in regular High School and is on the Honor Roll. Five years ago when he came to us, His parents had been told that He should be placed in a state home and forgotten.  He was incapable of doing anything. I brought soccer balls to school to teach the students how to play soccer. I cannot say how surprised I was to see him attempt to play too. With in a few weeks he was playing regularly much to the surprise of his doctors. Now he is in tenth grade in High school. He is on the wrestling team and doing well in school. Every so often it is nice to remember him hiding under the couch at school.

I do not remember if I told you my son returned to regular high school from this school. He graduated with his class. I still worry about him because he has not found a place for himself.  I have a Masters Degree in Business. I speak with a speech impediment. I hear on only one side of my brain. I still take people literally. I am the subject of many practical jokes. I was in high school too.  I probably have AS. My ability to relate to other people is marginal. I do seem to relate to my students. I am currently working on my Masters at California Lutheran University. I took philosophy this last semester. I thought that that course would be the end of me. It required that I expound on my opinions and pass essay exams. In addition to everything else I have word finding problems and occasionally go completely blank on tests. Essay questions are the bane of my existence. I hate them. I may not remember the answer and when I do, I may not remember the terminology that is needed for the answer. I have to describe what I mean.

I know I got through school because I was afraid of the nuns that taught me. I got thru college on sheer perseverance. I flunked out three times. I had four or five majors. There would be days when I could not comprehend what the teacher was saying. Certain concepts went beyond my ability to understand.  I still have that problem and will freeze up on certain requirements for my teaching. I do not freeze in the classroom but do have troubles figuring out lesson plans and state standards.

I know that this is a long letter and I apologize. My students do not know how to relate to girls. If you have any ideas I would appreciate them.


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