First Grade Is Underway

He puked.

There’s no other way to say it. It was the reality, the summation, the memory that will stick with his first day of First Grade.

It was all good, great in fact. Running to teachers he knows. Peers. Our next door neighbor is his pack-of-desk-mates, desk-mate. He was having a grand time at school again.

He hit the pavement for the 2nd time of the day. Apparently they do two recesses in one day in the First Grade. To waist some time? To waist some energy? It was 93 degrees. He had a new cup and was not wanting to drink any water through it…probably dehydrated.

He went out, played, came in, collapsed in someone’s arms, they allowed him a nap and then woke up vomiting. Then again. We picked him up early, leaving with an audience of parents awaiting their child’s release from the “First Day”.

A weekend in between, and the second day was perfect. He was happy, lively, and energetic. He had two recesses just fine. He didn’t vomit.

It looks like First Grade is underway.

Happy Face-Victor

(Photo by:  Victor)

What’s your first grade memory?

Mia Hysteria
I’m a mother to 3 children, one with special needs.. I have done a great many things in my life thus far, but being a wife and mother is the most challenging.
Mia Hysteria


I’m a mother to 3 children, one with special needs.. I have done a great many things in my life thus far, but being a wife and mother is the most challenging.

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  • August 16, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    My strongest first grade memories are: The first fire drill I EVER experienced. I was in the bathroom trying to hook the straps on my overalls when suddenly this loud bell starts ringing and I hear kids running down the halls past the bathroom door. It was LOUD. I couldn’t get my straps done, so I couldn’t leave the bathroom. Then I couldn’t get the big door open. Then I didn’t know what to do, so I sat down on the top step and cried. A big, huge, really tall teacher came and picked me up and carried me outside. I did not like this teacher and being picked up by him made me very uncomfortable, though now I do not remember why.

    being out at recess one day and playing with a hula hoop. Three of us kids were trying to walk with it around us, and I tripped and fell and scraped my knee… that same big teacher, I think, said something about having a “leaky knee.” I didn’t think it was funny.

    we also had gym class. The gym teacher made us play a game called “Rainbow of Fire” where two kids would turn a jump rope and the other kids had to run through and not get hit by the rope. Being TERRIFIED by anything to do with fire… this was not a fun game for me. This same gym teacher also terrified me by pretending to be a vampire. I slept with a Bible and a fire extinguisher next to my bed that entire year.

  • August 16, 2009 at 12:56 am

    Aww..poor kid. Glad the second day went well though. 🙂

    The only thing I really remember from First grade was we still got nap-time and I would always feel my forehead and think I had a fever, but never would tell anyone that I thought I was “sick” (even though I wasn’t).

    And, I don’t have children, so no memories there!


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