Deaf…? what did you say?

Deaf Hello!

As I said in my last post, I’m only gonna post if anything happens….and a couple of things have occurred which, I thought I would post about. ( we live a very uneventful life really!!)

The other week we all went to one of the museum’s in Cambridge. It all started out well, we went on the bus, fine, got off and went into town, fine, then S said can I look in the Disney shop for a new Woody. Hes always been into Toy story, and we have LOADS of Woody’s!
I said ok because he had turned the last one into Rimmer from red dwarf (drew a H on his forehead!) and we couldn’t get it off, so he wanted a new one.

So I bought him one and he got it out he box etc and from that point on, it all went a bit downhill. He turned in to Autistic S, his body language changed, he became very ridgid in his movements, his speech became very toddler like. OK so its not really down hill but- before I had bought him the Woody, he was acting just like any other child.

TO cut a long story short, he got a bit bored in the museum in the end, and he also said he was scared in there so we went to the shop and I got a few little things, and I turned round and there he was, crying his eyes out! I sat him down asking him whats the matter and in between the crying he said he wanted a fan and couldn’t have one because I had already bought him stuff but he didn’t know they were there!! I sat there thinking….”all this crying over a 75p FAN!!
I bought him one and he was absolutely fine, fanning himself because it was hot, and then he started to return to acting like an everyday child, like he was when we got to Cambridge.

Its so bizarre how he can act in different ways, changing suddenly. He’s always has been like this since he started school, acts just like the rest of the kids in school, then acts completely different at home, hiding his autism from his peers. I put the change in Cambridge down being out of routine, a new place to visit which he had not been to before, all the usual stuff, but it still amazes me, and makes me wonder if he realises he acts one way, then another so quickly? Although hes been acting quite “baby like” lately because its the holidays.

The second snippet is basically S is of to have another hearing test because we think he may be slightly Deaf. When he was under 5, he had lots of ear infections, and perforated his ear drum twice. At about 6 they tested his hearing and he was deaf in one ear, BUT it resolved itself. so I thought!! The thinking now is that maybe he just got used to it, because the other day I was calling and calling him, and he had his back to me. After shouting at him, he turned round and said to me, all ”matter of fact…”you know I cant hear you unless I’m looking at you”

OMG! well I went to the Doctors, hence the hearing test, which we are waiting for. The Doctor seemed quite convinced that he was maybe lip reading a bit to compensate.
BTW I saw a new Doctor and she was LOVELY!! she took his autism into account, even ASKED ME ABOUT IT!! I nearly fell over in shock!!!!

Ill post about the results of the hearing test, not sure when the appointment is gonna be yet, soon hopefully!! apart from that we are all just milling around waiting for the school hols to finish cos we are BORED!
Oh and Ive taken up knitting socks!! its quite therapeutic really and I’m making cool stripey socks for S at the moment!!

And I almost forgot… I passed my open university course so I now have a Cert. in humanities! woho00oo


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Im a full time single mum of 2 boys. My eldest son is 9 and has autism, my 4 year old does'nt! im studying creative writing with the ou, and i'm a sci fi geek...sorry!


Im a full time single mum of 2 boys. My eldest son is 9 and has autism, my 4 year old does'nt! im studying creative writing with the ou, and i'm a sci fi geek...sorry!

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  • Hi, I have autism brother and he is also deaf. I’m also deaf. I don’t have autism myself but I dealt with my brother everyday. we went to school together. I helped him in a lot thing and he help me too. We learn from each other. We both have hearing parents and hearing sisters. We are just practically a normal family you can find.

    I remember my parents were having hard time dealing with him younger and didn’t realiezed he was deaf until he was 14 months years old. It was tough but we all make it through. My brother is now 27 years old and he can now communitcate with us. If my parents can do it, I know you can because you sound great mother and great person. 🙂

    I just want to leave comment if that if you ever need help with the deaf situation, I would be glad to help you with anything that I could help with. 🙂 I do realized that S. have partialy deaf in one ear (or so you
    thought.) which is nothing like my case but regard my situatition i can
    help out. 🙂

    thanks for taking time to listen to me.. 🙂

  • it’s actually quite interesting about how his mood changes, in some toddlers who have autism they can be normal and quickly change it’s the chemical balance in there brain, in what they know they can’t have there mind makes them want it, it’s very common in children with autism, there are tons of meds that can control that, but the risk are indeed risky, so i would say if it’s not hurting anyone, dont worry so much about it, As for his hearing it’s possible that he may be deaf or just have a selective hearing, or partial deffness,  i wish you nothing but the best of luck for you and S..

  • This was a fantastic blog.

    (In private, I think there may have been something in the water in Cambridge … when I first read the blog I thought it was something in the food, like peptides or something).

    Congratulations on the Humanities certificate.

    It was interesting about the hearing test.

    Also about turning one of the Woodys into Red Dwarf.


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